Ascension Lutheran Church in Colorado Springs, Colo., knew they needed to do something with their website, so they turned to Faith Growth Inc. for help. And in April 2016, their new site went live with positive reception.

My part in this project was mainly focused on the front end. I was tasked with making the website look like the designs the church had approved. This involved working within the Genesis and Foundation framework to get the elements positioned correctly. One of the biggest CSS skills I learned from this project was how to get a mask or filter over background images to make text readable and create a cool effect. I also did some back-end work, creating and implementing some Advanced Custom Fields and making the templates work from a PHP standpoint.

The most challenging part of the build for me was getting the horizontal dropdown menus to work since that’s not a typical design element and something I haven’t had a lot of experience with.

All in all, this was a fun site to work on and I left feeling more confident as a front-end developer.

I also wrote a case study on our work with Ascension which also included a new communications plan as well as the website. I sifted through documentation between Faith Growth and Ascension and interviewed Christopher Harris, the owner of Faith Growth, and several members of the congregation. In the end, I was able to tell the story of how this site came together and how it has helped the church. This case study will be used to convince prospective customers that Faith Growth can help them achieve their goals.

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