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Whether you’re looking to create a website for yourself, business or organization or need help building amazing websites for your clients, I would love to work with you to help make it a reality!

screenshots of various websites I've built on different screen sizes

A Friendly Freelance Web Developer

I love to help others build and create things online, whether it’s a small business owner just trying to get their business online quickly, an agency looking to create amazing websites for their clients or someone with an idea that needs some help to make it a reality. And I would love to help you create whatever you need online!

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What I Can Do For You

From simple websites built with WordPress to custom website designs and custom website projects, here’s how I can make your ideas come to life.

screenshots of homepages of websites that I've helped build over the years
Northern Texas-Northern Louisiana Synod homepage
Wooden Lawyer website homepage

WordPress Development

I’ve been working with WordPress websites as a developer since 2012. From creating themes to building plugins to developing custom solutions using the platform, I’ve done it all. And if you need help with something in WordPress, I can help you get it done.

Theme Development

I’ve been building WordPress themes since 2014, and now I’m creating block themes in this new site editing world. If you want a theme created (or want to use one of the things I’ve built), you’ve come to the right place.

Creating Custom Blocks

The WordPress block editor opened up a whole new world with blocks becoming a powerful tool. I’ve learned a lot and built a number of blocks that can do some really cool things, and I can help you create a custom block or two.

Small Business Website Starter Kits

Websites for small businesses can take a lot of time and money, and that might not be something you have a lot of right now. And that’s okay. The Small Business Website Starter Kits are built specifically for you! You’ll be able to get your business online with a simple website that you own and control. And you can use that website to help grow your business. Plus, it will be for a price that will fit your budget and you’ll be online in under two weeks. It’s the perfect way to create your business’ first website!

"This could be your website" with a background of multiple different website
Screenshots of two different non-profit website homepages
Screenshots of two different membership website homepages
Screenshots of three different website homepages
Home page for Parijo Pools
Screenshot of the Home page for Skymates
Screenshot of the Victims of Crypto Depositors Fraud homepage in English
a man working on a web design on two different computer screens

Front End Work

The front end of websites is where I spend a lot of my time. I like creating cool and interesting designs that both hook in the reader visually and work functionally to make the website as good as it can be. From something simple to get your website online to more complex and amazing designs, I can help you create a website that will help your business and look flawless.

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What I Know and Do



Front End

Back End

Web Design

WordPress Development

Blog Posts

I’ve learned a lot in my time in web development and design, and I’ve written a lot of it down. Here’s a selection of blog posts you can check out.

What I Charge

I believe in being upfront with people about what I charge to create a website or other web project. You’re probably looking around for a developer to help you out and you don’t have time to schedule a meeting just to find out what someone will charge you for your website. Instead, my rates are right here so you can see them and make a decision to fill out the form below or look elsewhere.


What Others Have Said


I have hired Jacob on many occasions for WordPress website development projects. Jacob is a professional, he communicates well, and delivers what is promised in a timely manner. I highly recommend him for your next WordPress project.

Christopher Harris

Faith Growth, Inc.


I am extremely fortunate to have gotten to meet and work with Jacob. He takes my web designs and brings them to life on the internet. He is very professional, knows his stuff, and delivers an outstanding product that is on-time and within budget. I look forward to working with him again on future projects. Small sites or large sites Jacob can do them all.

Kelly Patterson

Kelly Patterson Graphic Design

Let’s Work Together to Make Your Project a Reality

If you’re ready to get started creating a website for yourself, your organization or your business or ready to build that perfect web project, let’s make it happen! You can fill out the form below to schedule a free consultation where we can talk about what you’re wanting to build and take the next steps towards making it a reality. See you there!

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A laptop and phone sitting on a wooden desk

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