This was a fun challenge of a website. I was subcontracted to build this website through Graphic Design Resources. They created the designs and I implemented them to actually create the website.

There were numerous challenges that really pushed me as a web developer. One thing is that no two pages were exactly similar. They have similar elements, which made things a little bit easier. But giving each page a specific design took a lot of time.

Also, the fleet and facilities pages present difficult challenges. I needed to find a way using CSS Grid to layout the photos the same way they were in the design. It took a while to get things just right and each image has to be cut in just the right way and explicitly given instructions in the CSS, but it came out pretty nice.

Another challenge was that the client’s web hosting did not send email notifications when a form was submitted. Fortunately, I was able to use a Google app to get around it, but I did learn something new.

Overall, this was a fun and challenging project that helped me to grow even further as a web developer.

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