Martin’s List is a web application for the ELCA Youth Ministry Network. Before Faith Growth stepped in, it was a bit of a mess. It was originally built into the ministry network’s main website, but they hadn’t accounted for the growth that word occur with the application. Now it was outgrowing what they could handle.

So Faith Growth built a custom site for the application where people could upload, comment and “nail”, a play on the Facebook “like”. The result was a much cleaner and smoother site that has been met with great reviews.

My case study on Faith Growth’s work on Martin’s List focused on this aspect: how they took a mess of a site and made it much more organized and easier to use. In all of the research and interviews I did for this case study, this seemed to be the main focus through it all. And I feel like captured that as well as the positive reaction of the ministry network folks to help convince other’s that Faith Growth is the right company for their site.