Rio Olympics Blog — Day Four: A change of plans

Sunset over mountains in Rio de Janeiro

Well, we all knew going into this adventure that we would have to be flexible and open to change. Today was the first time we had to do just that.

We started off today by going back to the Olympic Media Center for training on how to use content management system the website uses to post stories, photos, videos and other items. It was specifically built for the Olympic website and it’s not too complicated to use, but I couldn’t shake the notion that it was more complicated than it needed to be. Everything they showed us that they were doing could be done with WordPress and it probably wouldn’t have taken that long to do. But whatever, it works for them and the final product looks good, so that’s all that really matters.

We then went back to the “cafeteria” for lunch and for the first time since leaving Dallas on Friday, I got a sip of that sweet thing called soda. I know it’s not exactly healthy, but after drinking a lot of water (the bottled/filtered kind, of course) since arriving here, it did taste good again.

After that we stopped back at the apartment to change and freshen up before heading to the Christ the Redeemer statue. Thankfully, my bag was at the apartment when we arrived. Unfortunately, we’re still missing two bags in our group and our efforts to find where they were took longer than expected and by the time we left, it was too late to make it up to the statue and back before it got too late.

So instead, we walked to the local mall. To be honest, it looks a lot like the malls in America. The only real difference I noticed was that there was only one sports shop in the mall that only has items from one team, C.F. Flamengo. Other than that, I felt like I was in a basic American mall.

While we didn’t make it to the statue, we did get this nice sunset on the walk back from the mall.

Tomorrow we’re hoping to make it to the statue as well as possibly Sugarloaf Mountain, since we don’t have any reporting duties yet. Only three more days until the real fun begins.

Miles walked today: 7.18

Total miles walked: 23.81

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