Rio Olympics Blog — Day Sixteen: More struggles

The inside of the Olympic Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Well, Saturday didn’t go much better than Friday. While the morning and early afternoon was fine, the evening was very much a disappointment.

Akshay and I left for Olympic Stadium, where the track and field competitions are held, around 6 p.m. and had no issues getting to stadium. We faced no problems getting into the stadium as well. But that’s when things started to go downhill, at least for me.

I was there to cover Logan Cunningham, a pole vaulter, for the San Antonio Express-News during his qualifying round. That, well, didn’t go all too good. He missed on all three attempts at 5.45m, falling well short of the 5.75m mark that would have put him into the final.

After his elimination, Kevin and I went to the mixed zone to get a few quotes from him, and, surprised, we were initially denied. Thankfully, Kevin was able to talk to the U.S. press attache and got me into the mixed zone, but the problems weren’t done yet.

I waited 30 minutes, then 60 minutes, then 90 minutes. No Logan Cunningham. The press attache didn’t even know where he was. So the story fell through. Bummer. We walked out of the stadium a little after midnight.

Sunday should be somewhat easier, I hope. I just have the morning/early afternoon shift at Rio2016 and then will be covering weightlifting in the evening.

Miles walked today: 5.28

Total miles walked: 98.11

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