A food court at a mall in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio Olympics Blog — Day Twenty-five: Avoiding the rush


It’s all over. It’s finally over.

We woke up on Monday and didn’t have to do anything. No running to venues to catch an event for a newspaper assignment. No going to the press center for a six-hour website shift. No early morning or late night.

Cat and Jasmine wanted to go to Escadaria Selarón, a set of decorative and popular steps in downtown, but it was going to take for ever to get there by bus and we weren’t exactly thrilled about taking a cab.

We ended up going to the mall for dinner and the fact that I needed a duffle bag in order to get everything back home. The duffle bag wasn’t too hard to find, but we ended up spending three hours in the mall with a long dinner (of our own doing) and souvenir shopping. There are worst places to end up for three hours.

But now I’m all packed. Everything’s charged up and I’ve got a set of podcasts to listen to on the flights home. The end is basically here.

Tuesday we have a light morning and then head to the airport for our 9:30 p.m. flight to Miami. Fun.

Miles walked today: 5.32

Total miles walked: 147.73

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