Rio Olympics Blog — Day Twenty-five: Avoiding the rush

A food court at a mall in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

It’s all over. It’s finally over.

We woke up on Monday and didn’t have to do anything. No running to venues to catch an event for a newspaper assignment. No going to the press center for a six-hour website shift. No early morning or late night.

Cat and Jasmine wanted to go to Escadaria Selarón, a set of decorative and popular steps in downtown, but it was going to take for ever to get there by bus and we weren’t exactly thrilled about taking a cab.

We ended up going to the mall for dinner and the fact that I needed a duffle bag in order to get everything back home. The duffle bag wasn’t too hard to find, but we ended up spending three hours in the mall with a long dinner (of our own doing) and souvenir shopping. There are worst places to end up for three hours.

But now I’m all packed. Everything’s charged up and I’ve got a set of podcasts to listen to on the flights home. The end is basically here.

Tuesday we have a light morning and then head to the airport for our 9:30 p.m. flight to Miami. Fun.

Miles walked today: 5.32

Total miles walked: 147.73

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