Trying to wrap my head around WP REST API and JavaScript

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Screenshot of the WP REST API handbook homepage

For a few months now, the WP REST API has been this mythical thing that I had heard about but never really had time to look into developing with. But this week I’ve somehow found the time to do just that, jumping headlong into REST APIs and really learning JavaScript.

I learned a lot in this week. Unfortunately, I learned that I still had to learn a lot more.

The hardest thing for me to do with any programming language or programming aspect is to wrap my head around the conceptual part of it. It will usually take me a long while to get how things thing connects to that thing or how this function actually works. This is no different.

I think I’m started to get the WP REST API. Most of it’s the endpoints are similar to that of the traditional WP Query. And there are a number of tutorials on the web about that, so I’m not too worried about.

But where I ran into the most issues is using a JavaScript framework. I started with AngularJS, but I had difficulties with the single-page application side of things. I’ve tried , but the web seems devoid of tutorials on using a JS framework with the WP REST API. Sigh.

So the plan going forward for the next week or so has become more interesting. I still want to see if there’s a good JS framework out there to develop WordPress with. I really need to learn JavaScript deeply, and this is the best way to do so.

But as for the sports theme, I think I just need to sit down and figure out what features I want in the theme, and then from there, I need to figure out what can be developed with PHP and what can be developed with JavaScript. Then I’ll have to figure out a structure for the entire thing.

This week was about learning. I hoped it would be about learning about JS and the WP REST API. But I think I’m getting a good lesson that good things come slowly.

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