Rio Olympics Blog — Day Eleven: Row, row, row your boat (Part II)

The Olympic rings next to the lake for rowing in Rio de Janeiro

So as bad as the weather was on Sunday for rowing, it was just as nice on Monday.

Cloudy skies withheld the Christ the Redeemer statue from view the entire time I was out there, but it made for comfortable conditions, along with a nice breeze.

The nice conditions also made for better racing as a number of the races I saw were very close right up to the end. As for the one I was there for, Anders Weiss and Nareg Guregian had a much better race, something they attributed to a change in their mindset. They got off to a better start which helped them keep the third and final semifinal spot over Spain. I ended up going over the 350 words the Providence Journal set for my recap, which you can read here, but I think it worked out in the end.

Anyway, so I returned back to the Olympic Park just in time to grab a quick lunch and go on duty for This time I was the one sent out through the park to get quick updates for their live blog. Unfortunately, Mondays seem to be lesser filled than the weekend, so it was hard to find anyone interesting to talk to.

Well, that is until I met this guy.


Helenilson Ribeiro came to the Olympics Monday dressed as Thor. I saw him leave the Australia basketball game and he was immediately flocked by people wanting to take a photo with him. He said he chose Thor because of the visual and called the Olympics being in Brazil unbelievable.

Fortunately, thanks to Monday being Cat’s birthday, Akshay and I got off work early to go eat dinner, and it was a return to the incredibly nice dinners we had our first two nights here in Rio. It pays to have dinner with the director of the school of journalism.

Tuesday should be a much chiller day. I don’t have any newspaper assignments and I only work for from 3 to 9 p.m. Much needed rest indeed.

Miles walked today: 9.19

Total miles walked: 63.54

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